Coming Soon: The Life of Romulus, Part A

After our first episode, dedicated to Theseus, the Hero of Athens, we move on to Part A of the Life of Romulus, dedicated to the myths of his birth and the founding of Rome.

Excerpt from the The Life of Romulus.

“Plutarch next moves to my all-time favorite origin story, which I like to call the “Revenge of the Trojans”, which is set at the time Agamenón was burning and looting the Great city of Troy to avenge his dead brothers pride, while a few distraught Trojans fled the city, loaded up on some ships and set out to find a new home. After weeks and months at sea, lost, desperate, starving, they wound up on the banks of Tuscany at the mouth of the River Tiber. Upon making landfall, a high born women by the name Roma, sick and tired of living on the sea and frankly who could blame her really, plotted with the other women to end the journey by sea and set-up a permanent home in this new lush land, situated on a few hills with a life giving river flowing through. To ensure their permanency and settle their men’s restless legs, Roma, lead the women to the ships in secret, burning them to the oceans bottom, forcing the caravan of defeated Trojans to abandon the impossible task of finding the perfect place to re-build a new Troy. The men, after a short while found peace with their new land, and honored Roma with the naming of their new settlement, Rome, with Romulus coming later.”

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