Episode 14: The Life of Coriolanus – Part 2 – Season 1 Finale

In part one of Coriolanus, we left off during the consular elections with Coriolanus well positioned to make history becoming a Roman Consul. What comes next shook the Roman world and landed Coriolanus in the pages of history. Listen to the conclusion of the life of Coriolanus Thanks for listening, hope you enjoyed. Feel freeContinue reading “Episode 14: The Life of Coriolanus – Part 2 – Season 1 Finale”

Episode 13: The Life of Coriolanus – Part 1

Coriolanus was a member of the infamous Patrician Marcii house who have always been very active in Roman high society, reaching the height of Roman power with past Kings, nobleman, censors, and senators as some of their past flock. Coriolanus has big shoes to fill and filled he did landing him a special place inContinue reading “Episode 13: The Life of Coriolanus – Part 1”

Episode 6: The Life of Numa Pompilius

If it’s said, Romulus gifted the Romans with a grand military tradition and supporting institutions which would last for a millennia, then Numa as a counter to military traditions, gifted the Romans grand religious traditions and supporting religious institutions, which would last for a millennia or more also.