Episode 14: The Life of Coriolanus – Part 2 – Season 1 Finale

In part one of Coriolanus, we left off during the consular elections with Coriolanus well positioned to make history becoming a Roman Consul. What comes next shook the Roman world and landed Coriolanus in the pages of history. Listen to the conclusion of the life of Coriolanus Thanks for listening, hope you enjoyed. Feel freeContinue reading “Episode 14: The Life of Coriolanus – Part 2 – Season 1 Finale”

Episode 9: The Life of Poplicola – A New Day

With the Monarchy in retreat, several Roman aristocrats would see to it that the Monarchy would die with the overthrow of Tarquin Superbus, the last of the Roman Kings, with Poplicola becoming the leading man in the first decade of the new Republic.