Episode 11: The Life of Pericles – Part 1

At the end of the last episode about the Life of Cimon we mentioned how after the Spartan’ssnubbed Athens’s help in dealing with their Helot slave rebellion, that Cimon lost popularity in Athens, due to to his well-known and long-standing pro-Spartan views and Cimon came out on the losing end of an ostracism vote inContinue reading “Episode 11: The Life of Pericles – Part 1”

Episode 10: The Life of Cimon –

Hery everyone, Big news we just dropped our Tenth episode! We are super excited and we wouldn’t have made it this far without you our listeners. We hope everyone is enjoying the episodes! So without further a due, check out our latest episode, the Life of Cimon. Having narrowly survived the invasion of Xerxes massiveContinue reading “Episode 10: The Life of Cimon –”