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Hello history enthusiasts,

Welcome to the podcast! We are Chris and Ryan, nice to meet you!

We are a couple of history fanatics forever comparing the parallels of history to modern day. Chris is a bit more focused on Roman history while Ryan on Greek and we are constantly comparing the two great civilizations.

We wanted to start sharing our passion for history with short biographies of some of the most famous personalities of ancient Greece and Rome.

It took us almost no time at all to decide on our core reference; and we chose Plutarch, the famous Biographer of the Ancient Greeks and Romans!

Many of these ancients from Plutarch’s best known work “Plutarch’s Lives”, changed the world and inspired generations of people over the millennia’s, and still fascinate us today.

Plutarch led a fascinating life, born in Greece in 46 AD in the shadow of the burgeoning Roman Empire led by Claudius; Plutarch had the unique perspective to write biographies on his ancestors and of the current rulers of the world, the Romans; while wondering how the Romans and Greeks must have changed over long periods of time.

Most of Plutarch’s biographies are from the BC time period when Rome was still a Republic and Greece had much more influence than it had in Plutarch’s time.

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